Certificate of Accomplishment, SCO's Conflict ResolutionTraining
Fiction: Interview with a Killer (from CrankMagazine, Issue #2)
Fiction: Interview with a Killer, Part 2 (fromCrank Magazine Issue #3)
E-mail sent to private lists, 2001

The following articles were given to Peggy Currid by Vinnie Jordan,as hardcopy printouts. Because no header info was on the printouts, wecan't tell whether any of them were actually posted.  If these articleswere not posted, the printouts likely were the only extant versions ofthe material because Vinnie lost his electronic files when his computerdied. There is also the slight possibility that these stories were writtenby someone else, and Vinnie had simply printed them out to save. We make no claim to the originality of this material, but it makes somegood reading nonetheless.

If you have any source info on these files, please contact currid@soltec.net.