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Perhaps, in your mind.

Lemme refresh your memory. I asked if you were the one who attemptedto get some asshole fired because he upset your girlfriend, after you madea post that you didn't really mean when you said that if people don't likewhat they read, they should ignore it.

Yeah, you can delete all the text you want, but you can't hide the fact,from yourself or anyone else, that you're hypocritical.

By the way, is that slug who smokes your cock so traumatized that shestill can't read news, because some guy wished that all her babies hadtwo heads? I suspect so. She, like you, is spineless.

How you managed to garner any respect in this group is beyond me, asyou've shown yourself to be not only overly sensitive, but a hypocriteas well. I've read your swill. It smells of a smug attitude of politicalcorrectness, mixed with a misplaced sense of self-worth.

> Arn't you the creature is the friend of Roberta Hatch, I believe
>she (it) quoted herself as "The hatch with the smelly snatch" and
>wanted everyone to know about it.

Must have me confused with somebody else. I don't care much for Ms.Hatch. She seems unreasonably mean.

Reread that previous paragraph that you wrote. There are enough literarymistakes to make an English teacher burst into tears. You really oughtto get your basic writing skills down before you attempt to come off asan authority on *anything.* Your credibility falls whenever you press ideasin an illiterate form.

> BTW, I am not a hypocrite, just versitile.

Two distinctly different ways of saying the same thing. You show theinstincts of a politician, minus the testicles.

> You, however, are very plain, drear and boring. And, yes, >probablya hypocrite too.

Proof, or anything close to it? Of course not. You just rattle yourvirtual voice box, because you like to hear it, and you mistakenly thinkothers do, also.

Oh. By the way, does an insignificant, self important little prick likeyou really warrant a sig over 4 lines, Erin?

I think not.