Peeve: Two of the guys in the receivingdepartment recently reproduced, and they have developed the disgustinghabit of bringing their little swaddling fucks and their old ladies towork. Everybody plays their part, oohing and aahing and commenting on how"cute" they are. Me, I haven't even seen one of them, 'cause I don't likethe father and I doubt I'd like anything that dribbled off the end of hisdick.

"Vinnie, c1mon out and see the baby."

"Piss off. I've got work to do."

"Heh. Never serious, are you?"

Bullshit. I'm as serious as lung cancer. Keep the little fucks at home.And your ol' ladies, too. If they aren't here to work, the only other possibilityis that they are interfering with progress. That's why it yanks my chainthat management allows it.

Have you ever noticed how women look right after they have a baby? It'soften said that they glow when they're pregnant, but my vision is muchtoo dark to have ever been able to perceive it. Cynicism is like that.But, new mothers are another story. They look like they just lost a fight.Their bodies are stretched out, and the look in their eyes suggests thatthey know they're likely to never have curves again. That they are resignedto taking care of the little spunkheads for the next 18-20 years also seemsto show, especially if the husband is a slovenly prick or a moron.

Yet, they have the nerve to drag their pinched-up, creepy little spawnand show it off, as if to say, "Look at me! I've thrown away the best yearsof my life so that I can raise this piece of meat to grow up and hate meand this asshole I'm married to by the time he's 15 and strung out andillicit drugs."

Susan Smith may have had the right idea.

Vinnie Jordan, 170 lbs. of rompin' stompin' sonofabitch. vinniej@sco.COMMe speak for SCO? Surely you jest. They don't even like me much.