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>Well, it looks like the Matriarch of American Politics has done usthe favor >of shuffling off the mortal coil.

Peeve: The solemn faces of the newscasters as they reported this shrivelledold twat's death. She was 104 years old, fer Chrissakes. Way beyond theexpiration date.

RelatedPeeve: I work with this woman who is a physical mess. If shewas a fuckin' horse, they'd have shot her by now. She has lupus, her feetare always swollen and she's slow as molasses during a cold wave.

She's got this chair that she rolls from location to location through-outour work area, rather than get off her huge rump. Yeah, she's too fuckin'fat. ( Don't even start, Levine) You can actually see the cellulose cratersthrough her pants. When she does get off her ass, she walks just like ReddFoxx's Fred Sanford character.

On top of all this, she's getting senile. Hell, she's only 53, but thecranial matter is already turning to mush. We've found chewing gum in thepaper clip dispenser, apparently having fallen out without her noticing,as she just absentmindedly gets a fresh piece.

One thing about her, she has an answer for every question. Unfortunately,that answer is "I don't know."

God, I hate old people. And those who emulate them.

Vinnie Jordan, 170 lbs. of rompin' stompin' sonofabitch. vinniej@sco.COMMe speak for SCO? Surely you jest. They don't even like me much.