You wanna find out who your friends are?Try to get a party of people to help you move.

We ended our quarter Friday at midnight, and I got home at lam. I poundeddown a double, and went to bed, only to awaken at 6am, for a 4 hour driveto Folsom to move furniture and boxes the next 2 days.

!Peeve: The woman we were helping. She's this bubbly little blonde thatGinny's known forever, and she's extremely high energy, although, as withmost hyper people, this energy has a tendency to be not as directed asone would wish. She's recently divorced, and has a tight little body, dazzlingwhite teeth and an always ready smile.

Peeve: Can't fuck 'er. Ginny's best friend and all.

So, we get there at about eleven, after a meal of Whoppers. Karen greetsme at the door with a bottle of Stolichnaya, and I go to the fridge andmix me a stiff one while I survey what needs to be done, and in what order.As I said, Karen expends a lot of energy, without maximum results, andthe house is a conglomeration of half-filled cartons and a majority ofstuff that had yet to be packed. Ginny sez, "Now you know why we had tocome up." I sigh, take a deep pull off of the vodka-tonic, and roll upmy sleeves. The real work begins.

Peeve: Two guys who were supposed to help us punked out, and all theheavy furniture had to be moved by me, Karen's drunken brother, and a skinny,gawky 16 year old boy.

Related Peeve: 600+ pound pianos being moved by the aforementioned group:No handles on the prick, sharp and straight edges with little to no grippingareas. The !Peeve is that we got it done without anyone getting hurt.

!Peeve: The brother is a wizard on the barbecue, and by 6pm, we haddone all we could, as we were running out of daylight. So, Greg burns acouple of tri-tip roasts, and we settled down to BBQ steak, baked potatoes,corn on the cob and a huge salad. Everybody ate hugely, and I polishedoff the Stoli, before crashing on the couch and sleeping the sleep of onewho's done a good day's hard labor.

Up at 7am, we gnaw on some doughnuts and tea fortified with ChristianBrothers' best brandy. The plan for this day is to go and finish with packingall the small stuff that one accumulates when they live in a place fora long time. First, we arrange the furniture we had brought the day previous,and blow a fat joint before driving the truck over to the old house. Fivehours later, we had completed cleaning and moving, and went to the storefor provisions for dinner.

!Peeve: My daughter and Karen's are the same age, and I figgered thatthey'd be in the way at worst, and no help at all at best, and was rewardedby seeing both of them on their hands and knees, scrubbing floors, dumpingtrash and moving the smaller boxes. I was proud of both of them.

!Peeve: I've found the ideal job, and if I could make the same moneyI do now just vacuuming, I'd assume it as a career. Vacuuming is cool,‘cause you don't have to think at all, you just move the cleaner back andforth. There's no stress, because it's impossible to fuck up. And the bestpart is, you can do it while you're stoned. On another note, as long asyou're vacuuming, everybody assumes you to be hard at work, and they don'tbother you to do anything else, kinda like in jail, where the broom isyour best friend. As long as you're making sweeping motions, you won'tget picked for any shit details.

Peeve: Not getting home until midnight last night, forgetting aboutthe time change, and waking up with achy joints and a sore back and myusual grumpy attitude on Monday, compounded by the extra hour of sleepI lost because of the setting forward of the clock, a peeve in itself,but one I figure somebody will cover before the day ends.

*sigh* Back to work.