Carol looked out on the patio. It was afoggy night, and the visibility was next to nothing. She didn't like thefog too much. It hid too many things. She was a bit insecure, as she hadevery right to be. She was a dwarf, and only a little over 3 feet tall.She had had to make a lot of adjustments just to make her house livable.There were little steps leading up to the sinks and commode, and she hadnearly drowned in the bathtub once, until she had a friend put a littleseat in there so she could sit up in there. She had lived alone in thehouse since her mom had died. Her parents had both been normal sized, sothey had built the house to normal proportions before Carol had been born.She was a bit of a surprise when she was born, weighing less than two poundsat birth. But now her parents were both dead, and had left her with a considerableamount of money, which she used to adjust things to a little person's perspective,leaving her enough to live quite comfortably for the rest of her life.She looked out at the fog, and she felt uneasy. Call it midget's intuition.

Tony Montoya was happy, at least for now. He was flying high afterslamming a spoon of high grade coke into his arm. He had run into Mike,the neighborhood dealer, and had spent his last $50 on a half-gram of dopethat Mike had said was the best he'd had in a while. Tony took this forwhat it was worth, since Mike always said that. He was, first and foremost,a salesman. But Tony had decided that Mike was right this time, and startedthinking about where he could get enough cash to score some quantity, whilethis good shit was around.

He thought about sticking up the old gook at the corner market, buthe had shot a robber a couple of weeks ago. Tony was strung out, but hewasn't stupid. He hadn't descended into the self-destructive mode thatmost of his addict buddies lived in, and he was glad. He watched, as his"brothers" died of overdoses and gunshots, except for the lucky ones whoended up behind bars. They usually bit it upon their release, but at leastthe period of incarceration prolonged the inevitable for a while.

He walked down Harmon Street, thinking of an easy score. As he roundedthe corner of Mulberry, he looked up and saw the little midget cunt, theone who never left the house. He thought she was a strange one, havingall her groceries delivered, and the neighborhood kids all helping herout around the house and yard. They didn't do this just because they weregood kids; this was, after all, the ghetto. No, they did it because eachof their good deeds were rewarded with money. The little bitch was probablyswimming in it up there.

He saw little Pablo coming down the street, and he knew that Pablo oftendid work for the midget, so he pulled him up and started asking him questionsabout where the money was., Pablo was hip to what Tony was up to, but refusedto give him any information until Tony made him a promise of $20 afterhe got her money. Pablo was a product of his environment.

"She keeps some in her purse, but one time when I was up there, shehad to go upstairs to her room, 'cause she had none in her purse. Her roomis at the top of the stairs, on the right hand side as you go up." Tonytousled little Pablo's hair, and told him he would see him in a coupleof hours.

Carol was up in her room, taking off the make-up she felt silly wearing,since she never left the house. She was so grateful for the help she gotfrom the kids in the neighborhood, especially Pablo. Now there was a goodkid. If there was one kid smart enough and kind enough to break the cycleof poverty and violence of this shitty neighborhood, it was Pablo. Theuneasy feeling she had had before had abated some, but some lingered still.She couldn't put her finger on it, but the premonitory feelings gnawedat her like a maggot on a piece of meat. She went down and made a cup ofhot milk to help her sleep, and it worked a little, although her sleepwas troubled, and her dreams were unpleasant.

Tony edged up to the back door, ducking behind the hedge that borderedon the back porch. This gave him concealment from the street. Like mostaddicts, he was a career criminal. And like most career criminals, he wasvery careful. He looked up and down the street to see if anyone was outand about. There weren't going to be any cops, he knew. The pigs stayedout of Tony's 'hood when they could. They all knew Tony, knew he was asmall time dealer and strongarm man. But as long as he kept his operationsmall, they would leave him alone. He knew, though, that if they were tocatch him in the home of a citizen with robbery as his main motive, thelive and let live policy would be null and void.

He tried the screen door, and it was open. He pushed the latch thatwas no higher than his knee, and it opened with a click. Moments later,he was in the house, at the foot of the stairs.

Carol lay there, staring at the ceiling, wondering if she had rememberedto lock the front door. She thought she had, but she also thought thatshe heard something creak down on the stairs. The eerie feeling she hadearlier returned full force. She listened as hard as she could. She againthought she heard a creaking sound. She rolled off the bed, and paddedwith her little steps as quietly as she could to the adjoining bathroom.There, she got the scissors out of the cabinet and snuck back to the bed.Just having the scissors made her feel better, and she began to wonderif her imagination had been playing tricks on her.

Then she heard the doorknob jiggle!

Tony had eased his way up the stairs as quietly as he had ever been,and just about shit a brick when he heard the little cunt get out of bed.But she had returned right away, and Tony figured she had just gone tothe bathroom. He waited until he thought she was asleep, and turned thehandle of the door and slowly opened it.

What he saw when he opened the door was so incongruous with his senseof reality, he was almost seized in a fit of laughter. He had never seenthe midget up close before. Now, here she was, looking like an elf or cartooncharacter, standing on the bed with a pair of scissors held over her headin what she must have thought was a menacing pose. The thought that shemight start screaming and bring the cops down on him caused him to chokedown his laughter and take action. He crossed the room in two large stepsand pasted her with a pretty sharp right hand.

The comical way in which she tumbled, end over end, from the force ofthe blow, was enough to get Tony almost laughing again. But he had to findthe money and get the fuck out of there in case she woke up quickly. Hewent to all the obvious places first. As any burglar will tell you, peopleare predictable when stashing their valuables. He finally found the cashboxin the closet on the floor in a shoebox, only the sixth place Tony looked.Best of all, he had taken less than two minutes to find it. He startedout of the room, and looked down at the little woman. Her nightdress hadclimbed up her leg, exposing her tiny thigh. He knelt down and brusheda finger the length of her leg, and was surprised to find himself gettingan erection. As he lowered her little panties down the legs, he was sur-prisedto find pubic hair on so childlike a creature. As with most social misfits,Tony's experiences with the opposite sex were sluts he drug home from barsand prostitutes. But the little woman turned him on more than he wouldhave thought possible. He undid his zipper and let him-self out of hispants and freed his throbbing dick.

He didn't , couldn't possibly know or care, that Carol was a virgin.All he knew was that he had come here for money, and now he was going toget some pussy too. He tried with little success to force his member intoher tiny crevice. He spread some saliva from his mouth to his hand, andrubbed it the length of his dick to provide some lubrication, and lungedinto her. She was still unconscious, but could have provided little fightto the drug-crazed sex fiend even if she weren't. He rammed away with animallike brutality. The fucking coke wouldn't let him pop his rocks just yet,so he just thrust harder and harder, unaware of the puddle forming beneathhim. He didn't yet know that his normal sized penis was large enough topuncture the midget's insides, causing her to hemorrhage all over the bedunderneath him. She never woke up.

Finally, the influence of the dope was less than the need for his release,and he released his load into her with a grunt. He lay there for a moment,savoring the rush, as the blood pounded in his head. As the euphoria subsided,he gathered himself and got up. He looked down at what used to be a living,albeit small, human being. He went into the bathroom, found a rag, andwiped the blood off his abdomen. Then he stuffed the money into his pocketand left the way he had come in.

He had to go find Mike.

"Short people got no reason to live." * Randy Newman