Vinnie Jordan

January 9, 1955 - October 24, 2001

Interview with a Killer, Part 2

from Crank #3

From Vinnie Jordan (

The following is an interview with former Sergeant Patrick Kelly ofthe 8th
precinct in New York City, accused of murder in the abduction and deathby
extreme trauma to alleged child molester Dallas Orton. As is alwaysthe case
in these interviews, the questions and comments of the interrogatorshave
been omitted, leaving a monologue with the suspect.


"My name is Patrick Kelly, and I give this statement of my free will."

"You know, I've taken so many of these statements. I never thought I'dbe
giving one. I've been on this force for nearly 12 years. My recorduntil now
has been spotless. I'll bet you guys are wondering why I threw it allaway
for one bad idea. But you don't know what led up to the end result."

"This Orton, he was a bad seed, a sexual predator. He was especiallyfond of
boys under the age of 10. The first time I busted him, I had caughthim in
the act of raping a 9 year old boy he had abducted from out of hisyard.
Orton grabbed him and dragged him around the alleyway and had him pinnedto
the ground. He had his hand over the kid's mouth, so no one could hearhim
scream, and he was slamming away at that poor kid's asshole so hardthat
blood was dripping down the back of the kid's thighs. I was in my firstweek
of walking a beat in that neighborhood. I had requested a ground pounding
beat. I thought it would be good therapy for me, to help me forgetabout
losing my partner."

(Kelly's partner, Herbie Koenig, was killed in an aborted holdup attemptat a
deli where he had stopped for lunch. Two men who were robbing the store
opened fire. Koenig was wearing a bulletproof vest, to no avail. Theyblew
his head nearly off with two blasts of a shotgun. The suspects escapedout
the back, and were never caught. Kelly felt responsible.)

"Anyways, I hear these muffled screams coming out of this alley on Lofton.I
turn the corner on the scene I just described, and I just went apeshit.I
have a son about the same age, and I thought of scum like him prowlingthe
streets, looking for boys like my son. He didn't even see me coming,he was
so engrossed in ravaging this poor kid. I snatched him up by the hair.His
dick slipped out with a slurping sound. The cries of the kid as thehand
around his mouth loosened and   the yelling of that animalwho was indignant
at having lost a handful of hair mingled, the noise was horrible. SoI kneed
Orton as hard as I could in the groin. At least he shut up. I leftthe kid to
scream himself out. He had a right."

"I held Orton down with one foot. It wasn't a problem. The knee tookany
mickey out of him that he might have had, and I let the kid's screamssubside
to cries and then to moans. I asked him if he was able to talk, andhe shook
his head yes, but the look was so pitiful I didn't have the heart toask him
anything, except to pull his pants up. Blood was drying on his legs.I told
him we'd get him cleaned up down at the precinct house."

"On the way back to the station, I could hear Orton starting to whisper.I
thought that he was trying to catch his wind. I turned around, andnoticed
that he was trying to get the boy's attention. I slammed on the brakes,went
around to his side of the car, and opened it. Orton tried to kick me,and I
grabbed his leg and pulled him from the vehicle. His face struck the
pavement. I rolled him over, looked him in the eye, and swore if hesaid
another word to the boy, I'd kill him."

"I pushed him back into the rear of the vehicle. I was seeing red bythis
time, and Orton, who had recovered from the kneeing to the groin, was
screaming shit at me. I just wanted to stick my pistol in his mouthand empty
it. The scum kept saying that I couldn't make anything stick. Fuck.I had him
dead to rights. I had the boy. I had the bloody pants. I had an airtight

"Well, you know how the case turned out. They let him go on that damned
technicality. They said I violated Miranda. That's bullshit!! Everycop is
trained to read these scum their rights, even when being popped forviolating
the rights of others. The boy stood in front of the court, and statedthat he
hadn't heard me read this asshole his rights, even though he was rightthere.
Orton was released. On the way out of the courtroom, he looked at meand
smiled. I think the seed of the idea of what I would end up doing tohim was
planted right then."

"I talked to the boy afterward. He had received a phone call, and Ihave to
presume it was Orton. He told the kid if he didn't tell the judge thatI
hadn't read him his rights, he would kill his daddy. I tried everythingI
could think of to persuade him to testify, and that we'd bury the guyso deep
he'd be a threat to no one. But the kid was beyond fear. He was terrified,
and wouldn't go for it. I had to finally give up. I thought Orton hadgotten
off scot-free, and it was a drag."

"A few months later, Orton was a suspect in another case. I asked Drayton
[Chief of Investigation--ed.] if I could have the case. Drayton knewmy
involvement in the Orton affair, and refused at first. But I kept hounding
him and finally he let me have it, with the admonition that he wouldsuspend
me if I fucked up another bust with my temper. I swore to myself that
wouldn't happen."

"It didn't take a lot of police work to finger Orton's involvement inthe
case. This kid was abducted and forced into a van which fit the description
of Orton's. He was forced to orally copulate the bastard, then rapedhim and
left him a couple of miles with no pants on. His jeans were found ahalf mile
from where the kid said he was forced out of the suspect's van. I askedif
the underwear had been found. As far as anyone knew, they hadn't."

"So, I went over to talk to Orton. I promised myself that I wasn't goingto
lose my cool, I wasn't going to blow it. I knocked on the door. Ortonopened
it, but didn't seem all that surprised when he saw that I was on theother
side. He was a cool customer, the bastard. I at least wanted a chanceto
shock him. If someone who'd rammed his knee into your privates suddenlycame
knocking on your door, wouldn't the memory at least make you flinch?This
bastard showed nothing."

"Anyway, I start asking him his whereabouts on the night in question.His
alibi was pretty vague and almost surely a lie. I tried to take hisstory and
trip him up with no luck. I asked if he any corroborating witnessesas to his
whereabouts. He had none. I asked if I could look inside his van. Hegot a
little irate at that, and would have refused until I started gettingthe
cuffs ready for a field trip downtown. He relented, though I wish hehadn't."

"My search of the vehicle turned up what I had hoped. There was a pairof
boys' underwear under the back seat with the victim's name sewn ona tag in
the waistband. I had the son of a bitch this time. I was none too gentlewhen
applying the cuffs, but nothing out of line. I was too close to fuckup now."

"The trial was a farce. The defense moved that my search constitutedillegal
search and seizure. We countered that we had probable cause, due tothe
previous case. The defense explained that since we were unable to obtaina
conviction, Orton was not considered to have any record of sexual deviancy.
The judge let him walk again!! Can you fucking believe that? I was

(The record shows that Sergeant Kelly was a bit more than just incredulous.
He stormed the bench, shouting at the judge and pointing his finger.He was
warned that he was going to be jailed for contempt of court. His lastwords
to the bench were, "Might be your kid next time, you fucking idiot.")

"It wasn't right at that moment, but later on that evening, that I stopped
being a cop. My world view had been shattered, and I had the feelingthat
everything I had done for my whole career had been a sham, and I wascrushed.
Anything like that ever happen to you guys? Aah, I guess you wouldn'ttell me
if it had. It's the lowest I've ever been, and I felt I had to do something.
If I couldn't get what I wanted from the courts, I would get my satisfaction
another way."

"I had that cabin north of the city, you know, the one that burned downthe
night I killed Orton. The place was chock full of tools. The placewas a
trash can when I bought it, and I spent a lot of my weekends up therefixing
it up. It was the perfect therapy, after a week of chasing bad guysand
watching them get off with slaps on the hand. I'd reached the point,with
this Orton thing eating away at me, where hammering nails by the hundredsand
tearing down old wood and slamming up new was therapeutic. I beganto imagine
Orton's face on the nailhead."

"I knew I was starting to crack. I knew I was going to make Orton payfor
what he'd done to those boys, and the ones I didn't even know aboutyet. I
was trying to talk myself out of it, but not very hard."

"Anyway, there was just about every tool you could imagine at that cabin.I
grabbed a roll of duct tape and threw it in the back of my car. ThenI drove
over to Orton's house to wait. I had his schedule figured out, as Ihad been
unconsciously casing him ever since he got off that first time, andI began
to know his routine pretty well. He was coming out of his door about15
minutes later, and I crossed the street. He and I arrived at his vanat the
same moment. He hadn't heard me coming up on him, the smug cocksucker.So,
when he opened the driver's side door, I grabbed him by the hair andsmacked
it against the doorframe hard. He slumped, and I slid him over intothe
passenger seat. I liberated his car keys, and started the engine. Ifigured
I'd come back for my car later."

"He was bleeding a bit from the blow to the forehead. You guys knowhow head
cuts are. But he wasn't in any danger. Possibly a concussion, but asyou
know, he'd wish that was all that happened to him. His wish would notbe
granted. He was scum, and if we couldn't get him off the streets bythe book,
I was going to have to break the rules."

"I drove back to the cabin, and he was still out, but his breathingwas even,
and he was OK. I wanted him to wake up with a clear head, because Iwanted
him to remember everything I had to say to him before I ended his existence
in a painful way."

"Don't look at me that way!! In my heart, I'm still a cop. Sometimes,you
just can't do the right thing, because it really isn't right. I doubtif you
catch my meaning."

"I stripped him naked, so he wouldn't try to run off. He'd have neverfound
his way off of that hill. Shit, it was 35 degrees out there. He'd havedied
of exposure. He was going to die anyway, but he didn't know that. ThenI tied
his arms behind his back, and his legs to the legs of a workbench Ihad
there. I slipped a handmade noose around his neck and secured it arounda
bench leg on the other end. I had the bastard right where I wantedhim;
immobile, naked and flat on his back."

"He started waking up then. He looked around as if to orient himself,but he
was in a strange place and his brains were probably scrambled fromthe blow
to the head I knocked him out with. Finally, his eyes fell on me. Helooked
as if he was pissed off or something. He was one smug bastard. He mumbled
something through the duct tape. I walked over and yanked it off nonetoo
gently. He sputtered and spit, then he made a mistake. He said 'Youknow I'm
going to have your badge for this.' I said, 'No. You're not. You'renot going
to leave this place alive.'"

"That's when he knew he was in deep shit. You could see it in his eyes,and I
was damned glad. I'd tried to get that look on his face ever sinceI'd first
met him. He was still all bluster, but it wasn't convincing. As I stoodover
him, I debated where I was going to start. I decided to bury my fistin his
stomach. The wind was knocked out of him, but the way he was tied didn't
allow him to curl up in the fetal position. The pain in his eyes wasvisible.
I spit in his face. Then, I told him, 'When I decide to let you die,you'll
be grateful.'"

"He was crying then. I'd scared him to death, nearly. Then, I gave himthe
speech I'd made for this occasion. I said, 'Orton, you are scum. Youhurt
kids and feel no remorse. You don't deserve to live, and you won't.I'm going
to kill you, but I want you to know why. You are a monster, and I can'tstop
you by legal means, so I'm taking the law into my hands. You have been
sentenced to die, but I'm going to hurt you first. There will be noappeal.
There will be no mercy. And, for me, there will be no remorse.'"

"He was begging now. He said he'd give me money. I wished I hadn't takenthe
tape off of his mouth now, not because I was afraid someone would hearhim.
Shit, that cabin was a mile from any traveled road. I just didn't wantto
listen to him snivel. He went on pleading and crying, and I went overto the
wall and took down the sledge."

"The fucker thought I was going to cave his head in. But that was toogood
for him. I brought the sledge up, and brought it down in the meatypart of
his thigh. It was a heavy sledge. The skin just sort of burst and thebone
snapped with a cracking sound, like a .22 pistol shot. Orton let outa scream
that liked to split my eardrums before he passed out. I wanted to finishhim
off now, but I wanted him conscious. So, I did the other leg, figuringthat
if I waited until he came to, he'd just pass out again when I smashedthe
second leg."

"He lay there with both legs laid open and blood flowing freely. I hopedhe
wouldn't die before I was ready for him to. I went outside and tooka pull
off the whiskey bottle that I kept there. I lit a cigarette and waitedfor
Orton to wake up. Went through 3 cigarettes and a half a pint of soothing
whiskey, when I heard him whimpering and crying in what must have been
excruciating pain."

"I walked over to him and looked at his eyes. They were pleading, thoughI
wasn't sure if he wanted me to help him or put him out of his misery.I then
walked over to the paint cabinet and removed the drum and began pouringthe
stuff in a circle around the bench to which he was secured. I said,"I'm
going to cremate you alive." He whimpered again, but there was little
conviction. I poured some of the paint thinner into the open woundson his
legs, which got one loud scream out of him."

"Then, I simply dropped a match and walked out. The place went up inno time.
I waited until I heard him shrieking, the signal that he was now onfire. I
walked further down the road. After his screams stopped, I heard thedrum of
flammable chemicals explode with a "WHUMMFF" noise, so I drove backinto town
and called you guys."


There was little left to identify the body of Dallas Orton by the timethe
authorities got to the Kelly cabin. Due to the grisly nature of thecrime,
Kelly was sent to the mental unit of the jail, where he was deemedsaneat
the time of the crime. He was tried for murder, convicted and sentencedto
life in prison, in the Protective Custody wing.

Nevertheless, he was killed in a freak accident in the kitchen areawhen he
fell into a vat of boiling water used to prepare food for the inmate
population. After a short investigation, it was officially deemed an
accident, the fourth time in recent years that a former law officerhad died
at the facility under like circumstances.