VinnieGreeting a Friend
Vinnie (left) greets a friend. 
(Photo credit: Julian Macassey)

C'mon. Take the plunge. By the time you go through rehab the first time,
you'll be surrounded by the most interesting people, and if it takes
years off of your life, don't sweat it. They'll be the last ones anyway.
(Vinnie Jordan, alt.peeves)

Who the Hell Is Vinnie Jordan?

Vinnie Jordan blasted on to the 'net in the early 1990s. He found a home in alt.tasteless (in fact, he was named Mr. Alt Tasteless for 1997) and its less slutty stepsister group, alt.peeves, and he was well-known on the ba.* and scruz.* groups. A Google search on,, and will show his meanderings into other newsgroups through cross-posted flamewars and trolls.

He had a number of noms de 'net: Pigface, NotoriousP.I.G, One Sick Individual, King of Beasts, Missing Link, Dirty White Boy,Filthy McNasty, Pickled Punk, Doggiestyle, Official Asshole of the 1996Olympics, and I.M. Bent.

Off the 'net, Vinnie was a gentleman (except whenhe was channeling Pigface; in that case, he could be both funny and infuriatingto be around, depending on whether you were his target or his audience).YetVinnie had a streak of self-destruction and seemed destined (and at times,determined) to meet an early death. He said he expected to live to age40 and that anything after that was borrowed time.

Vinnie was expressive and profane and belligerent.But those who knew him well knew another side to Vinnie -- a side thatwas rarely expressed in the public sphere of the 'net. You'll see proofof that in some of the e-mail exchanges that people have contributed.

Vinnie died at age 46, in Santa Cruz, California.

Why This Web Site?

Vinnie wouldn't have disapproved of this memorial Web site, but he would have wondered why the hell anyone would go to the trouble. So, why did we create this site? We did it to honor the memory of a friend. We did it to create a public and easily accessible repository of Vinnie's writing and things about Vinnie.

Before we get too maudlin, we'd like to leaveyou with one of Vinnie's favorite toasts (not original, though):

May bleeding piles torment you,
May corns grow on yer feet.
May crabs as big as lobsters
crawl upon your crotch and eat.

And when you're old and feeble,
and a syphilitic wreck,
May yer head fall through yer asshole
And snap yer fuckin' neck.

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