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These are a few selections from other newsgroups Vinnie posted in. There'sa lot more available out there if you want to search Google, but a lotof it has to do with a certain unpleasant individual on scruz.general,and we don't care to sully this site with that crap.

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From: vinniej@sco.COM (King of Beasts)
Subject: Re: U.K. Age of Consent: 18
Organization: The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 1994 16:08:05 GMT
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In article <49904.143.uupcb@cccbbs.cincinnati.oh.us> tami.askren@cccbbs.cincinnati.oh.us(Tami Askren)  writes:
>-> before it is born. Therein lies the problem: Is it better to give
>-> birth to a gay child, or is it better to have an abortion?
>Is it better to give birth to bigot or have an abortion?

Is it better to give birth to a 2-headed, psychopathic malcontenteddickweed than to have an abortion? Let's look at this rationally...

I suggest that kids come with a warranty. They get review periods, muchlike employees do, and you can terminate the little fuckin' parasites ifthey don't meet up to standards. Well, terminate is a bit of a harsh term.Put to sleep is more gentle.

Y'see, everybody has a different view as to reprehensible behavior.Society has a view that no matter how scuzzy, sleazy or stupid a personis, that person has value.

That's crap, pure and simple. And if your kids turn out scuzzy and sleazy,society don't raise the little cockbites for you. No, you do it yourself.Therefore, it's logical that, should you decide to put the little fuckto sleep, it should be your prerogative.

'Sides, can you think of a better motivational tool for your kid tobehave? Even though it's illegal, I tell my kid that I *do* have the rightto terminate her at her weekly review, and she believes it.

A better behaved child you have never seen.

Vinnie Jordan     "SICK, TWISTED FUCK" (tm)                 vinniej@sco.COM
       "Being an asshole means neverwanting to say you're sorry"

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From: vinniej@sco.COM (King of Beasts)
Subject: Re: Miss White America Beauty Pagent
Organization: The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
Date: Thu, 04 Aug 1994 16:29:30 GMT
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In article <31hgml$gf3@panix.com> jlopez@panix.com (J Lopez) writes:
>>: >: >If a person is quadriplegic, and can't fend for him or herself,
>>: >: >and somebody has to wipe their ass and run their food through
>>: >: >a blender and spoon feed it to them, they're crippled. Plainand
>>: >: >simple.
>No, they're "quadriplegic.  Plain and simple."  Why insulttheir
>sensibilities needlessly by calling them "crippled" if it wounds them?

Who says it wounds 'em? The only people who seem to bitch about it area bunch of pussy college liberals, who don't have credibility.

>Do you know any handicapped people who actually
>use those terms?  There is no "politically correct" consensuswhich
>has determined that those phrases from now on be used.  Simplya few
>individuals who got 10 seconds of air time.  Or a few self appointedleaders
>for the "disabled community" which doesn't really exist as such.

No, perhaps not a concensus, but you see more of it than you used to,and it's a bad sign. 20 years ago, none of this sensitivity garbage waseven an issue. Now, all of a sudden, I can't call a spade a spade (heh)without some liberal punk saying that I'm in the wrong. Well, I got newsfor you. I don't bend to the wishes of college kids who just got weanedoff their parents' shelter and haven't been out in the world. I don't needthe advice of those who have no life experience. And that's the hotbedof liberalism, the colleges. What the hell are they teaching these kids?It don't look good for the future of the most powerful country in the worldto be run by a buncha softhearted wimps.

>In any case "handicapable" or "differently abled" are no more or less
>confusing than "handicapped," since they confuse no one (except you,
>apparently) into thinking that they refer to anything but handicapped
>people.  If a few sensitive types comfort themselves by adoptingthese
>phrases for themselves, what is it to you?

There it is!! What others say don't mean jack to me. It's when I haveto adjust *my* behavior that I get pissed off. If you want to wander meeklythrough the world, that's your business. You are most likely more qualifiedto be meek than I am.

>I'd love to see how you answer the questions, "How does
>this dress look?" or "How was I?"

Honestly. If you don't want someone's opinion, it would behoove younot to ask them. Or pick who you ask very carefully. If you want an honestbut blunt answer to your question, I'm your guy. If you want sugar-coated,wishy washy half-truths with built-in sensitivity, go see Flores. He canonly get real with people who disagree woth him.

>I think calling someone what they wish to be called, so long as it
>doesn't hurt you personally, is just "being polite."  (See top.)
>Furthermore, who's to say if a person may not experience a partialor
>full recovery?

Who's to say the cow won't finally jump over the moon? And what hasthat to do with the conversation?

>Okay, *realistically* speaking, it's nigh-impossible for you to determine
>in advance how you will react to such a situation.  You may findyourself
>suffering from depression.  You may find yourself frustratedand wishing
>to die.  It would be great, wouldn't it, for your friends andloved ones
>to "realistic"-ally present to you that, "ya know, Mike, you justmight
>be better of dead."

Better to be honest than to deliberately mislead someone. I'm sure youthink I'd behave differently if the shoe were on the other foot. You'dbe wrong. When I went to jail, I didn't even tell my folks until afterI got out. When I was going through a divorce, I took an apartment in town,and stayed isolated. Why? Because I didn't want my parents to tell me everythingwas alright, and that they forgave me for being in jail. There was nothingto forgive. I did my time and went on with my life. Because i didn't wantmy friends telling me that she was no good for me, that someone else wouldcome along. I knew that already.

My point is that everyone should be responsible for themselves and dealwith their own blues. They don't need liberal college punks to championtheir cause.

>But that wasted effort seems to be an almost universal human
>characteristic.  Maybe you just ain't human.

Perhaps not. But at least I'm not a liberal. And, when the inevitableinjustices of life land in my lap, I'll be prepared, because I know thatinjustice is a fact of life. I won't be strapped with a stupid, idealisticphilosophy that will leave me crying, "Why?"

How are you ganna hold up?

Vinnie Jordan, 170 lbs. of rompin' stompin' sonofabitch. vinniej@sco.COM
           "A dirtymind is a terrible thing to waste."

Newsgroups: alt.politics.correct
From: vinniej@sco.com (King of Beasts)
Subject: Too bad, eh?
Organization: The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
Date: Wed, 09 Nov 1994 17:41:28 GMT
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Keywords:  Good guys win
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Yep. The populace has spoken.

And it's bad news for the liberals. Joe Sixpack finally looked at thedirection liberalism has led our country lately, and gave a resounding"Fuck you" to the weak-kneed liberal sobsisters that tried to make us akinder, gentler nation. And, while I know that's a Bush euphemism, youand I know that he never meant it. It was just a cute campaign promise.

The Republicans are back in power, and the game's gonna change. Yousick, liberal punks better watch out. There's still a place for you. Itjust happens to be under the Conservatives' foot. Sleep in fear, as everysection of the liberal agenda that got shoved down the throats of realAmericans will erode before your eyes. Eyes that, I suspect, are sheddingreal tears of sadness.

Ah. Life is good again........

Ob!Peeve: Prop. 187. California no longer is required to foot the billfor illegal immigrants, and can hopefully concentrate on it's own citizens.


Newsgroups: alt.politics.homosexuality,alt.politics.correct,alt.fan.rush-limbaugh
From: vinniej@sco.COM (King of Beasts)
Subject: Re: Gays and Lesbians are Superior
Organization: The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
Date: Wed, 09 Nov 1994 20:11:17 GMT
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In article <39j094$rn8@www.interramp.com> Lane Singer <lane@psi.com>writes:
>Well, presumably people who breed contribute to the worst problem
>we have, which is overpopulation. Considering the state the worldis
>in today, we would do much better to have at least 75% of the population
>be gay, since gay people are much less likely to contribute to the

Now there's a theory I've yet to hear. Interesting, for sure, and hardto argue with. Just let me stay in the 25% het category. At my age,it'dprolly be a bit much to adjust to a new lifestyle. Besides, isn't homosexualitygenetic in nature?

>> So go ahead, call me a breeder.  I'm not offended.  (Anddoesn't a breeder
>> have to actually get some?
>Well, sometimes, but actually, even there it would be better to be
>gay, because having babies interferes mightily with getting some.

You can safely have sex up until the last month or two before the babycomes, but sex is bad directly after birth. My wife was so stretched out,it was like waving a cigarette in the Astrodome.

Vinnie Jordan, 170 lbs. of rompin' stompin' sonofabitch. vinniej@sco.COM
Me speak for SCO? Surely you jest. They don't even like me much.

Newsgroups: alt.discrimination,alt.politics.correct,alt.politics.usa.republican
From: vinniej@sco.COM (King of Beasts)
Organization: The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
Date: Fri, 11 Nov 1994 21:17:38 GMT
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In article <39nrvg$l1l@transfer.stratus.com> William_Mosco@vos.stratus.comwrites:
>=>In the protests against the presence of proposition 187 on the
>=>California ballot, the protesters were all proudly waiving the flag
>=>of Mexico. Not one flag of the United States was anywhere to beseen.
> Oh my God!!  IT MUST BE THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!  lightenup.

Let me see if I can explain. These folks were flying a foreign flagto rally around in a protest, which is precisely what the California populaceis trying to avoid; the dilution of American culture.

Why do these people want to leave Mexico? 'Cause there's no jobs. Sothey come to California, and now the unemployment rate here is 3-4 pointshigher than the national average. So, what you have is the Mexicanizationof a once prosperous state, slowly turning it into the shitpile that theywanted to leave. So they wreck the California  economy. So what, right?They'll be no worse off when they were when they came, so why should theycare about the future of the state.

Well, the voters spoke their mind, and the immediate future looks verybleak for illegal immigrants. I, for one, am overjoyed, as are the 60%of voters who voted against the wreckage of our state by foreigners. Y'see,as Americans, we owe nothing to any of these Third World holes, and it'sa mistake to even get involved in places like Haiti, Somalia and Bosnia.But, just because they can't control their fuckin' philan- thropic tendencieswhen it comes to giving them money is no reason to just hand the countryover to the immigrants.

Truthfully, if there were no  Haiti, do you feel that the worldwould be appreciably different? Doubtfully. So, why doesn't the US justturn their backs and let 'em starve? Because we've set ourselves up asthe policeman of the world. Now, everyone bitches that we usurp our dutiesin this regard, but they're also the first ones with their paws out whenthey need money to fix their fuckups. And that's basically what Mexicois doing. They dicked up their own country, and now they want to do thesame to ours. That explains why they want all the benefits of being anAmerican, while flying the flag of their country. If they're that loyal to Mexico, they should stay there. This is America, for Americans.What immigrants that do find their way here should have the decency toadopt the flag and language of their chosen country. The fact that they don't causes resentment in the status quo, and rightfully so.

Personally, I think that a single penny of American tax dollars thatgoes to an illegal immigrant is a crime against the country, and we makeit very easy for the immigrants to spend money that is earmarked towardim- proving the lifestyle of Americans. Any other use of it is an insultto the taxpayer, most of whom could give a tin shit if everyone in Mexicostarved to death as long as their larders are full and their bills arepaid. So no, it's not the end of the world if they want to fly a Mexiacnflag while they protest against a country that they have no legal right to be in in the first place. But they shouldn't be surprised that it onlymakes their plight that much less credible to the people who vote on theirstatus as immigrants. It's the equivalent of somebody breaking into yourhouse, and then arranging the furniture to their liking.

"Political Correctness strives to impose innocuous mediocrity as the
       standard to which we must allaspire."  Victor Ivanoff +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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From: vinniej@sco.COM (King of Beasts)
Subject: Re: Racism
Organization: The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 1994 20:56:49 GMT
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In article <3alhe0$d6p@news.cc.ucf.edu> ind00298@pegasus (Cathy Nicoloff)writes:
>We all discriminate against and for people.  Racism just happensto be
>the trendy one to holler about.  What I want to know is, whenare we
>going to holler about all the people who get online and start throwing
>perfectly good people into the twit filter for presumed underintelligence?

When they stop saying stupid things, one would presume.

Vinnie Jordan, 170 lbs. of rompin' stompin' sonofabitch. vinniej@sco.COM
Me speak for SCO? Surely you jest. They don't even like me much.

From: doggiestyle (spunkhead@netcom.com)
Subject: Re: Notice of missing cat and automobile accident
Newsgroups: scruz.slv, scruz.general, ba.mountain-folk
Date: 1996/06/19

In article <NEWTNews.834902192.29379.heather@madrone.com> HeatherMadrone <heather@madrone.com> writes:
>I've never had strong feelings about chickens, but I really hate geese.

Evil creatures, those. I had an uncle who had a farm in Missouri, andhe had geese. One took particular delight in harassing me when I was abouteight. One time, he got between me and the house, and started closing inon me. He was pretty fast, and he was quite determined. I ran down thedirt road with the GooseFromHell close behind. I picked up a stick andturned on it, but he kept coming, unintimidated. I swung that stick ashard as I could, and had the satisfaction of seeing his head lean in anodd angle, until it was nearly touching the ground. It flopped over andtwitched a little, but didn't display the legendary prowess of being ableto run around that chickens exhibit. His reign of terror was over.

To this day, when I encounter geese in a park, they waddle away, lookingover their shoulder. They KNOW. They know I killed one of their relatives,even though it was more than thirty years ago. I guess it shows.

I got a whippin' from my uncle. It was the most pleasurable spankingof the many I received during the time I was growing into a sociopath.


From: pigface@netcom.com (Notorious P.I.G.)
Subject: Re: Quitting Smoking:  Phase II
Date: 1998/02/16
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In article <6c6t27$6mk@news.scruz.net> glena@armory.com (Dirt Devil)writes:
>!Peeve:  I'm starting to think the same thing after I smoke a
>cigarette.  I'm thinking that this is a Good Thing(tm).

That's cuz yer stupid.

Fuck yourself to death.
Drink yourself to  death.
Punch the living shit out of people you don't like, until you
find one stronger than yourself.
Slam opiates till yer ticker pops.

But never, NEVER, waste a life doing things you don't wanna do becausethe lack of pursuing the finer things in life only extend a boring existence.

Tell me true, Glen. You wanna watch life, or live it?


From: pigface@netcom.com (Notorious P.I.G.)
Subject: The Pussification of Society
Date: 1998/03/26
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In article <6fcr1c$1av$1@shell3.ba.best.com> obob@shell3.ba.best.com(Bob O`Brien) writes:
>IV. Dean thinks he filed police reports, while in fact,
>the officers were merely humoring him so he'd shut up and go away.

You're close to the mark. Take this example.

When I was a teenager, I was a lot more violent than I am now. Therewas a neighborhood dog with a personality like mine. His owner was awareof the dog's violent tendencies, but let him run free anyway. One day,the dumb fucker bit me on the hand, unprovoked. The look on his face showedthat he knew that, and that he was gonna get got. He ran into the Schnuck'sgrocery store parking lot across the street, and attempted to hide undera car, but the younger, quicker Vinnie was able to yank him out from underthere, whereupon he choked the  fucker to death, in plain view ofits owner across the block. The owner, being a chickenshit white trashpunk, said nothing, and went  back to call the cops.

The cops arrived. Sergeant Hatfield had Popeye forearms, but was known in the 'hood as a fair and honest officer, and I hope he enjoyed a long and prosperous career. His partner, the fisrt black officer in ourneighborhood, was assigned to work with Hatfield, cuz nobody else wantedto work with 'that nigger.' He, also, was quite formidable in the physicalsense, and woe was unto the individual they came to bust when he resistedarrest.

The ensuing conversation was hilarious, like a well written scene ina comedy.

"Hey Vinnie."

"Hiya Hatfield. Kinda hot to be cooped up in that car." I nodded toThurgood, who nodded back noncommittally.

"Mr. Chivarro here sez you killed his dog."


"Now, why would you want to do that?"

"Fucker bit me." I showed him the teethmarks on my left hand, and thescratches on both arms from where the dog had tried to thrash his way vainlyout of the death clamp I had around its throat.

"Why didn't you call us, or go to see the owner?"

"There have been complaints before. He bit a couple of other folks,and this guy was told to keep him chained up. Didn't do a good enough job, near as I can tell. Had I choked the owner, I suspect that I'd have beenin more trouble."

"Why do you suppose the dog bit you?"

I said, "I ain't sure. Why don't you ask him?" Thurgood, who was takinga pull off a cigarette, puffed and choked on the exhale, and did his bestto keep from laughing. And did a credible job, to his credit.

Now, Chivarro was being ignored throughout the exchange, and was gettin'a touch flustered. He began babbling about how his dog got excited whenhe saw people, and loved to run up and greet them. He claimed that I swattedat the dog, and the dog just reacted out of instinct. I just stood impassively,as this jackoff put on an Oscar acting job about neighborhood thugs indiscriminatelykilling family pets, and was just a step away from punching him in hismealy mouth, when Hatfield put a stop to the interview, in spite of thefact that he was clearly getting amusement from it.

No charges were filed. Mr. Chivarro got a new dog. He kept it on a chain.

The best line, though, was delivered by Thurgood, in his only conversationof the entire interview. When it became clear that the cops weren't gonnasend me off to the licenseplate factory, Mr.C bleated,'Well, what aboutmy dog?'

Without removing the cigarette from his mouth, he said, "I think youprobably should bury it."

Now, this is 25 years ago. All the cops knew all the thugs. All theneighbors knew which of their neighbors kept a pint hidden behind theirwoodpile, and when someone saw a woman wearing sunglasses in the rain,she was being beat up by her ol' man. Fights were settled behind the bleachersor under the railroad trestle, and a crime wasn't considered a crime untilsome actual damage had been done to someone's person. I think upon thoseas the good ol' days.

Now, we have to be sensitive to feelings, new classifications of crime,such as internet stalking, libel and slander clot up the legal system thatwould be more efficient if it were handling real crimes, and not the imaginedpotential threats and ensuing defenses that smother it.

This ain't a slam on Dean, as I gave my word and will keep it. It'sa slam on a system that has produced what we peevers often refer to asthe "pussification of America."


"Pigface is our blunt trauma. The 2x4 of pure reason, the baseball bat
of higher logic, the lead pipe of rationality."  *Ken Strayhorn*