A small selection of flames found in the Google archives.  These wereselected primarily because they were succinct and don't contain non-flamematerial, unlike some of Vinnie's longer posts archived elsewhere on thissite.

From: vinniej@sco.COM (King of Beasts)
Newsgroups: alt.peeves
Subject: Feorag's analysis
Date: 4 Jan 1994 16:46:02 -0600
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(Wonderful diagnosis of Terence or terrance or whatever deleted)

Although her analysis is well written and accurate, it's probably abit too sophisticated for our simpleton friend to understand, so pleaseallow me to explain it to Terence.

First off, one has to be a little concerned about a person(?) who hastrouble spelling his own name the same way 2 times in a row.

Secondly, the simple description of you, Terence, is that you are anincurable fuckstain. You are a waste of skin. I resent the fact that youbreathe the same air as the human race. I hate you. I wish you were dead.I hope all your children are born retarded. Yeah, stick around here awhile,while we shred what little dignity that you have left away from your spiritualcarcass the way a buzzard worries rotten flesh from the bones of a rottinganimal, a pretty fair analogy  when one is speaking of such subhumanscum as you, you bloody twat. People like you are the reason that thereis so much public support for the work of Dr. Kevorkian.

Did I leave anything out?

Vinnie Jordan, 160 lbs. of rompin' stompin' sonofabitch. vinniej@sco.COM
           "A dirtymind is a terrible thing to waste."

Newsgroups: misc.misc
From: vinniej@sco.COM (King of Beasts)
Subject: Re: Static
Organization: The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
Date: Mon, 14 Mar 1994 15:19:44 GMT
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In article <2lji57INNn7q@gambier.ugrad.cs.ubc.ca> m3e192@rick.cs.ubc.ca(Mark Saison Gibson) writes:
>Has it ever struck anyone that out of the millions of articles posted
>to all the newsgroups in the world, so many seem to be lacking in


Yours, for instance.

Vinnie Jordan, 160 lbs. of rompin' stompin' sonofabitch. vinniej@sco.COM
           "A dirtymind is a terrible thing to waste."

Newsgroups: alt.peeves,alt.flame,aus.flame
From: vinniej@sco.COM (King of Beasts)
Subject: Re: alt.peeves Cowards, Part 1 (was: An Open Letter)
Organization: The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
Date: Wed, 06 Apr 1994 21:10:58 GMT
Message-ID: <1994Apr06.211058.1059@sco.com>
References: <2nnlmu$ntb@pandora.sdsu.edu> <2nob47$qdl@engnews2.Eng.Sun.COM><2npgfb$g4o@pandora.sdsu.edu>
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In article <2npgfb$g4o@pandora.sdsu.edu> masc1745@ucssun1.sdsu.eduwrites:
>  Obalt.peevesLanguageMisuseFlame: "Interminable?" Ahem. Whatevermy
>other faults, I'm sure that you'll find that I'm quite mortal. Out

I don't believe it. Let me wrap my hands around your pencil neck andsqueeze for awhile, just to be sure.

>of mercy, I'll award you a few Cluepoints for knowing my alt.flame.
>nickname "Stain".

Is that short for "wankstain" or "fuckstain?"

Vinnie Jordan, 160 lbs. of rompin' stompin' sonofabitch. vinniej@sco.COM
           "A dirtymind is a terrible thing to waste."

Newsgroups: alt.usenet.kooks,talk.bizarre
From: vinniej@sco.COM (King of Beasts)
Subject: Re: Sheung One, Sheung Two
Organization: The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
Date: Tue, 17 May 1994 21:38:48 GMT
Message-ID: <1994May17.213848.9757@sco.com>
References: <4hp3mOa00Vp_Qr50Zu@andrew.cmu.edu> <2r1o7i$ktb@universe.digex.net><ohpHp8W00Vog8LjFgO@andrew.cmu.edu>
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In article <ohpHp8W00Vog8LjFgO@andrew.cmu.edu> "Andrew W. Beckwith"<ab7b+@andrew.cmu.edu> writes:
>   I  have been in Hong Kong, Singapore, China, andsome other places
>as well. I have a Chinese wife. Don't be stupid enought to argue about
>a cultural background you have NO background in. You will look like
>an idiot if you keep this up.
>                                                    Andrew Beckwith

Then they'll be on even terms with you, Andy. For you to analyze theentire race of Oriental women based on the fact that you are married toone Chinese lady is presumptuous, pompous and just plain stupid.

Keep up the good work. As long as you live, I'll never have to worryabout being the stupidest person on Earth. Or the most hated.

Now go fuck yourself. Hard.

Vinnie Jordan     "SICK, TWISTED FUCK" (tm)                 vinniej@sco.COM
       "Being an asshole means neverwanting to say you're sorry"

From: Bobby-Joe@netcom.com (Good ol' Boy)
Subject: Re: Usnet Abuse
Date: 1996/11/01
Message-ID: <Bobby-JoeE07t6J.E8E@netcom.com>#1/1
sender: pigface@netcom16.netcom.com
references: <54tulu$1kbg@news.missouri.edu> <54uvvf$1bp0@news.missouri.edu><1996Oct31.164239.195@bongo.tele.com>
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newsgroups: alt.fan.letterman

In article <1996Oct31.164239.195@bongo.tele.com> julian@bongo.tele.com(Julian Macassey) writes:
>       You are a perfect alt.fan.losermanposter. Incompetant and in need of a life, as well as every day skills.

That's 'incompetent,' you stupid fuck.

If you fuck like you spell, I hope you have strong wrists.


From: Bobby-Joe@netcom.com (Good ol' Boy)
Subject: Re: Darwin's hand at the Range
Date: 1997/05/02
Message-ID: <Bobby-JoeE9KK24.1Do@netcom.com>#1/1
Sender: pigface@netcom16.netcom.com
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Newsgroups: alt.peeves

In article <5kb7hv$qsv@news.scruz.net> jrd@spam.blows_see.sig (J.R.Dean) writes:
>Your fly's open.

That means your lunch is ready, spunkball.


From: pigface@netcom.com (Notorious P.I.G.)
Subject: Re: BLUEBIRD and the VULTURES
Date: 1997/12/07
Message-ID: <pigfaceEKtzpt.7up@netcom.com>#1/1
Sender: pigface@netcom8.netcom.com
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Newsgroups: alt.peeves

In article <349bbb69.9469015@news.artnet.net> taustin@hyperbooks.comwrites:
>mandible@pacbell.net (Articulate Mandible) wrote:
>>Mmmmmm -- new species of game has appeared. I wonders if it is tastyish.
>Lick it, and let us know.

Contort yourself in a fetal postion, and lick your asshole. It'll giveyou a taste of what the rest of us get when we read your drivel.

Thanks for playing.


From: pigface@netcom.com (Notorious P.I.G.)
Subject: Re: Rapper uses
Date: 1997/12/10
Message-ID: <pigfaceEKyrJy.3ur@netcom.com>#1/1
Sender: pigface@netcom5.netcom.com
References: <662pbs$o6a$1@winter.news.erols.com> <pigfaceEKMqup.GA9@netcom.com><348C4EAB.7913@doggystyle.cum>
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Newsgroups: alt.fan.howard-stern,alt.flame.niggers,alt.flame.whites,alt.politics.nationalism.white,alt.politics.white-power,alt.rap.sucks,alt.tasteless

In article <348C4EAB.7913@doggystyle.cum> enichols@teleweb.net writes:
>Notorious P.I.G. wrote:
>> The only good rapper is a dead rapper. We need more good rappers.
>You need to die you fucker!

I will, eventually.

Until I do, though, you pinheaded cuntplug, you might want to explainto me why such an undesirable lifestyle should be condoned by real humanbeings. If you can stumble your illiterate ass through that little exercise,you can explain to the readership of alt.tasteless why yer fuckin' spewgot sent there.

And, then, you can shut the fuck up. Until then, you're a virtual possessionof mine. A war prize, so to speak, and a mighty fine specimen you are.

Thanks for playing. You fumbled the fuckin' football, and now, you haftapay the price, by explaining the stupidity of yer error of ways, and itgives me a stiff dick to know that you'll never be able to measure up tothe assault that I can lay on your doorstep, punk.

I suspect that you're used to being publicly flayed, cuz you're as stupidas a bag of hair, and a habitual target of abuse.

You go run along and fuck yourself. You've been deemed unworthy by ajury of your superiors, and your efforts to save face only contribute tothe fact that I'll verbally punish you, if you don't get off of my case.

You lost the battle. Deal with it, and accept your position as an inferior.

Oh, and Happy Holidays to you.


From: pigface@netcom.com (Notorious P.I.G.)
Subject: Re: Use of Profanities on Usenet
Date: 1997/12/26
Message-ID: <pigfaceELtKHB.Ftr@netcom.com>#1/1
Sender: pigface@netcom6.netcom.com
References: <981@jacaranda.win-uk.net> <pigfaceELt08D.EqD@netcom.com><883175089.25981.0.nnrp-03.c2deeb41@news.demon.co.uk>
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Newsgroups: alt.tasteless,uk.transport

In article <883175089.25981.0.nnrp-03.c2deeb41@news.demon.co.uk>"Philip J West" <newsmaster@westfamily.demon.co.uk> writes:
>Notorious P.I.G. wrote in message ...
>>Oh, and have a reeeeeally crappy day.
>Is this guy for real?  I've snipped 99% of his drivel out. It would
>have quite funny if it hadn't been so sad.  I take it he hates
>everyone who disagrees with him.  What a sorry state to livein.

You're close, you stupid fuckchop. I hate people in general, and youin
particular. Feel free to snip whatever I write. I don't post it to
please you. I abuse people because I fuckin' enjoy it, and to see what
reaction I can get from it.

Obviously, I've yanked your chain. That gives me a hard dick.
Don't like my act? Take it up with the alt.tasteless moderator. His
name is Julian Macassey, and he's always glad to help the stupid and
disoriented. You, in a rare case, qualify under both categories.

So, go fuck your dead mother, you puling little cuntplug.


From: pigface@netcom.com (Notorious P.I.G.)
Subject: Re: I need tasteless shit- meaning tasteless articles
Date: 1997/12/26
Message-ID: <pigfaceELt6u8.M2I@netcom.com>#1/1
Sender: pigface@netcom3.netcom.com
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Newsgroups: alt.tasteless

In article <34a4e933.43357599@news3.ibm.net> Hill-Billy Booger Eater.writes:
>>"Anybody can fuck a pig. It takes a Marine to fuck a pig to death."

I'd be really apreciative if someone could dig up Dan Hillman's post
from 1991 or so. It's a piece of work that'd make an a.ter proud.

>Then the mutha fucka have poke-chops fo' supper. Damn dat sho nuffdo
>sound good. Think I will go out to de barn an' see what stirrin' in
>the pig pen.

Cute the first time. Rather stale on the second go-around.

Develop a style, if it's in your obviously limited ability. Otherwise,be
kind enough to quit dribbling your inadequate attempts at entertainment
until they reach a level of cuteness that the masses here considera
'Mission Statement.'

If you can find the time to dash yourself under a large, moving vehicle,
I'd like to thank you in advance, and I hope all of your children are
born with odd-looking protrusions stickin' out of their fuckin' foreheads.

Blow me, and I mean that in the spirit of the Holidays.


From: pigface@netcom.com (Notorious P.I.G.)
Subject: Re: Public Statement from Benny/Zoom.
Date: 1997/12/28
Message-ID: <pigfaceELx74x.Ay1@netcom.com>#1/1
Sender: pigface@netcom16.netcom.com
References: <1095@jacaranda.win-uk.net>
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Newsgroups: alt.babylon5.uk,alt.movies.uk,alt.tasteless,demon.local,alt.music.uk

In article <1095@jacaranda.win-uk.net> zoom@jacaranda.win-uk.net(Jack the Ripper) writes:
>Mr Davies and Mr Firth are perfectly aware that had they
>made these insults to my face then they would have found
>themselves flat on their backs minus a few teeth. As I
>have openly stated I am an extremely nasty bastard, and
>I don't make threats, and I don't get mad, I just get even.

Yeah, we're really impressed. Davies is a rather large fucker,
with an attitude to match. Firth, I'm unfamiliar with, but has
proven that he's smarter than you, by virtue of taking the correct
side of the argument. Your attempt to start a thread in alt.tasteless
about the evils of profanity shows you to be a rather simple sort,
and your impotent threats mark you as some sort of Internet freak
with too much time and too little dick to keep your hands full.

So go fuck right off, pussy. You're just another swab of mediocrity
in the game of life, and you'll never advance further.

Think about it; if you feel the need to 'get even' with people just
because they disagree with your banal logic, you'd have to spend all
of your time chasing them down, because you're wrong now, and are
probably just as wrong every other time you unload yer piehole.

ObHint: Shut up, and the rest of the world will be unaware of what a
stupid little cock knocker you are.


From: pigface@netcom.com (Notorious P.I.G.)
Subject: Re: Nena Cherry and people who should get OUT of the genepool
Date: 1998/01/14
Message-ID: <pigfaceEMsDzn.FvM@netcom.com>#1/1
Sender: pigface@netcom13.netcom.com
References: <69h54l$ck_002@primenet.primenet.com> <69i7lf$9df@newsops.execpc.com><raoul-1401980604490001@news.olympus.net>
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Newsgroups: alt.peeves

In article <raoul-1401980604490001@news.olympus.net> raoul@olympus.net(J. Benedict) writes:
>!Peeve: Seeing Julian and Vinnie with yanked chains....

Peeve: Cunts that don't know the 'hood well enough to know when to
keep their mouths shut.

Ob!Peeve: You're face-down, getting beaten by your betters.
Don't feel bad, though. You ain't the first dribbler to wander through
these parts unarmed, and I suspect you won't be the last.

Fuck you. Jumping into an argument that you're totally unarmed for
marks you as an insignificant, but we're used to that here.

Many try, many die. You came in the second category, but don't let that
stop you from exposing yer withered buttocks to my throbbing dick.

!Peeve: I came, and you didn't.

I'll give you a free clue, spunkhead. Macassey has a track record that
you can only aspire to match if you hit the halfway point. I doubtyou
will, though, cuz you're a rather simple bastard, and it's my privilege
to point out to all and sundry how easy it is to batter the helpless.
You gotta remember, punk, that I have a history of spitting on the
homeless and busting cue sticks over the heads of the unaware.

Kind of like what I'm doing now, if you take the element of havin' yer
head stitched up out of the equation.

But I don't much care how much of a fool you make out of yourself. I've
already determined that you are a non-entity.

Save what's left of your dignity, and bring it to e-mail. I might bea
harsh fucker, but flaying a dog in the street doesn't appeal to me.
Does being flogged in front of an audience rilly appeal to you?

You got the ball, punk. I can't wait to see how you play it.


From: pigface@netcom.com (Notorious P.I.G.)
Subject: Re: Conventional Thinking
Date: 1998/02/01
Message-ID: <pigfaceEnprtJ.Ius@netcom.com>#1/1
Sender: pigface@netcom2.netcom.com
References: <6aqgpq$6l8$1@was.hooked.net> <6aqmri$vd@newsops.execpc.com><34db3363.127965253@news.asacomp.com>
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Newsgroups: alt.peeves

In article <34db3363.127965253@news.asacomp.com> See_my_SIG writes:
>Did you have anything else that needed clearing up?

Yeah. I have this minor rash on the underside of my snotrocket, and
the doc sez that only saliva can keep it moist.

Could you help me out?


Date: 1999/02/09
Message-ID: <pigfaceF6v9sC.2pv@netcom.com>#1/1
Sender: pigface@netcom19.netcom.com
References: <slrn7befvp.h5.franka@ip184.santa-clara14.ca.pub-ip.psi.net><geoffmF6JLqM.66o@netcom.com> <tcmay-0202991156410001@santacruz177.got.net>
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Newsgroups: ba.general,scruz.general,ba.jobs.discussion

In article <tcmay-0202991156410001@santacruz177.got.net> tcmay@got.net(Tim May) writes:
>In article <geoffmF6JLqM.66o@netcom.com>, geoffm@netcom.com (GeoffMiller)
>> Why do you type "disability" with a capital "A"
>> in the middle?
>It's trendy for the crippled and disabled to throw in odd little bitsof

Call 'em "tards," like I do. Institutionalize the fucks, where they
shoulda been assigned in the first fucking place.

>"You are ASSuming I am disAbled, when in fact I am Alternately Configured."

I'm assuming that you're unable to do backflips on a trampoline as wellas
I can. I'm assuming that you can't handle a simple mechanical assembly
job as well as I can. I know you can't fuck as hard and as long asI can.
I can guarantee that you can't throw a double left hook as well asI can.
There's no doubt that I can outrun, outfuck and outanything you cando as
well as I can, except allow your chair to be turned twice a day, sothat both
sides of your withered body can catch an equal amount of sunshine,should
someone care enough to water both sides. Which I neither know or careabout.

I *do* know that, as a crip, you are not my equal.

Have an unequal day, dribbledick.


Date: Wed, 24 Mar 1993 20:39:05 GMT
Message-ID: <1993Mar24.203905.17658@sco.com>
References: <C4Brsv.GJ6@efn.org> <1993Mar23.224607.2539@sco.com> <1993Mar24.005202.22384@galileo.cc.rochester.edu>
Sender: news@sco.com (News admin)
Lines: 38In article <1993Mar24.005202.22384@galileo.cc.rochester.edu>


baltman@prodigal.psych.rochester.edu (Brian Altman) writes:
>I've been a vegetarian for the last 1/3 of my life Vinnie, and I'd be
>glad to kick your fucking butt. You like meat because you were raised
>on it by your nice meaning but misguided parents. You don't need as much
>protein as you think you do. Veg men live ~13 years longer than non vegs,
>and female vegs live ~7 years longer on average. Remember, Pythagoras,
>Leonardo Da Vinci, Plutarch and Tolstoy were vegetarians, also, there is
>strong support (from the Dead Sea Scrolls) that even Jeasus was a vegetarian
>...but I guess you're much smarter that any of those people.

YOU kick MY ass? It appears that eating a non-meat diet also makes you
stupid, a trait I was never aware of before.

And yes, I probably am smarter than Jesus. You'll never catch me getting
crucified in order to help others attain eternal salvation. And, I'M
still alive.

Your argument about living an extra 13 years doesn't wash, either, when
you stop to consider that those 13 years will be the last ones anyway.
So you'll be dragging your old body around and eating your berries and
sticks and whatever else it is you clowns eat, while I'm feeding the
worms and getting the rest one deserves after a lifetime of terrorizing
and raping the earth and killing it's weaker species. I doubt that you'd
talk me into making a trade for that. No, I'll take 50 years of fast
paced, interesting life than 80 years of existing and not being able to
do as I fucking well please.

I sound like a selfish person. That's because I am. You, on the other hand,
sound like a fool. I suspect that's because you are.

Now run along and go fuck yourself.
Vinnie Jordan, 160 lbs. of rompin' stompin' sonofabitch. vinniej@sco.COM
"A dirty mind is a terrible thing to waste."

Newsgroups: alt.tasteless
Path: diku!uts!sunic!uunet!hobbes!vinniej
From: vinniej@sco.COM (Dirty White Boy)
Subject: Re: Another try at tasteless...
Organization: The Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
Date: Thu, 05 Aug 1993 17:22:08 GMT
Message-ID: <1993Aug05.172208.19948@sco.com>
References: <23oubl$79u@charm.magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu>
Sender: news@sco.com (News admin)
Lines: 90In article <23oubl$79u@charm.magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu>

adegraff@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu (Allison L DeGraffenreid) writes:
> First off, I think that some of the stuff that you chose to discuss
>on this newsgroups are ridiculous. I couldn't believe there was actually
>a discussion on Barney! As funny as it was (sometimes) I just don't
>believe that most of you don't like Barney (at least those with children).
>I'm sure it is just an act (for MOST of you...not all.)

To the uninitiated, the subjects might appear ridiculous. But to
longtime readers, these are ongoing threads that disappear, only
to pop up again 6 months later. The nature of the beast around
here, which you would know had you taken the time to read the
FAQ before becoming alt.tasteless' least liked resident.

As for Barney, I have a child, and I HATE the bastard. Know why?
Because he's full of that smarmy, "everybody loves everybody"
bullshit that only a child or a PC type (same thing) could relate
to. The difference between the two previously stated examples is
that children grow up and face reality. Your ilk choose to fool
themselves into believing the world could be a happy fun place
if everyone would just treat their fellow man with more respect.
That's crap, honey. (Can I call you honey? Thanks) The world is a
spawning ground for inequity, prejudice and violence. Always has
been, always will be. That, my friend, is reality. And all the kind
words and thoughts and polite phrasing in the world ain't gonna
change the fact that we live on a spherical cesspool. You better
get used to it, or this mean ol' world is gonna eat you up.

> Secondly, can't all of you be tasteless without using so much

Fuck no!! Harsh people like myself use profanity as a form of

> And thirdly, I was a little upset to see you all become some irate
>at my signature. I can't see why you aren't more tolerant of different
>philosophies and lifestyles.

Tilt your head toward your screen, Allison, and listen good.



Contrary to what some obscure politician said many years ago, all men
are not created equal. And I won't be classed as an equal with every
piece of human waste simply because the status quo says I should. In
short, Allison, I think for myself. Try it, it's most rewarding, and
it builds self-esteem. Not the kind of self-esteem you get from social
acceptance. Rather, it's the kind that makes you strong inside yourself
by realizing that you are above the rabble. The only reason that most
PC types want everyone to treat everyone else is the simple fact that
they would get swallowed up by people like me. So they form the illusion
that they are my equal, and you know that if you tell enough people the
same thing, they'll start to believe it. But I know better. And down
deep, so do they. The whole PC movement is done with smoke and mirrors.\
And you better figure it out, honey. There are no equals. The cream rises
to the top, and the inferior product sinks to the bottom. Where do you
want to be, Allison?

>adegraff@magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu || P.C. and proud of it!!!!

And if you want to not be harassed in this group, lose that .sig.
To be honest with you, Allison, I've tried to explain this to you in
a way that might help you, instead of just flaming you without mercy,
due to the fact that I think you are innocent of having done any inten-
tional wrong. You got set up by someone who had you send in a joke. Not
your fault. Then, you attempted to gain acceptance for the PC theory
among a group of people who spend a lot of time fighting against that
sort of ignorance. Your fault? Possibly, but I attribute that to the
fact that you're young. Nobody wants to bully you out of the group.
We just expect that you'll try to fit in a little better toward what
this group is interested in.
I hope you'll find this useful. If not, keep on going the way you're
going, and our time will continue to be wasted, you'll continue to be
frustrated, and nobody gets anything positive out of it.
You got the ball, honey.

Vinnie Jordan "SICK, TWISTED FUCK" (tm) vinniej@sco.COM
"Being an asshole means never wanting to say you're sorry"