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Sunday of a few weeks ago finds my fat ass loading onto a plane, totravel to Sunny San Jose, in search of some training at my employer's expense.I've managed to convince them that sending me out to hang with the BayArea peevers is fiscally sound. For my next trick, I'll make George W.seem electable.


Arriving at Court's, I call Bobbi and Lenore, and have just enough timeto order a Coke before Bobbi and Lenore show up, with the Vin-man in tow.

Folks, Vin looks better than I'd been lead to believe. He shakes myhand, and hugs me, saying "Man! You're big! I didn't know whether to sayhello or give you a sugar cube." I'm sorry to say that my (normally) quickwit was dulled, and I didn't think to say "So, where's my sugar cube, Vin?"until much later. We load into the car, and begin heading towards MountainView.

Vin starts telling us about his life, and we talk about the old dayson alt.tasteless. We evetually find Austin's restaurant, and settle infor what Californians call Texas barbeque. Our russian waitress is bombardedwith a constant, life-threatening barrage of come-ons from the Vin, andit's truly grand to see him in his element. We're joined by Jan, Foo, anda fellow whose name I didn't catch.

The menu has "Texas-Style Fried Calamari" on it. I make loud squeakingnoises about this, having been to Texas, and knowing that this menu itemhas never appeared anywhere near Texas. The same can be said for the barbeque.I knew Texas barbeque. Texas Barbeque was a friend of mine. This was noTexas Barbeque. Still, good conversation was had by all, and I lean onthe Vin to get back in with us. "I'm not ready," he tells me, with a resolvein his voice. "I'll be back, but only when I'm ready."

We're waiting, Vin.


>From H. John Rogers, political columnist for the Charleston, WV Grafitti- "Before the WV Code was revised a few years back, if you shot someoneand hit them, it was 1-5 on a felonious assault charge. If you shot andmissed, it was attempted murder, which carried 10 years. Our ancestorshad no respect for poor marksmanship."

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