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Date: 28 Oct 2001 17:49:58 -0800
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I hope to fly home "Comfortably numb".

Talking of transport. Once many years ago, myself, Vinnie, Lenore, BobChrist and maybe Geoff Miller spent a Saturday on a pub crawl. We endedup in a biker bar doing Jaeger shots with the bar maid.

It was time to take a very drunk Vinnie home. We knew he lived somewherenearby. We tried to get directions from him. He was worse than useless.Sure, he could when sober find every bar
in a 30 mile radius, but crocked he had the navigational skills ofa one winged fly.

We drove aimlessly along country lanes trying to get Vinnie to spotsome landmarks.

I suddenly had an idea and said: "Vinnie, show me your driving licence."

His only retort was "Fucking fascist!".

We eventually found a phone and called Ginnie who told us how to gethim home.


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