Originally From: "Coinneach Fitzpatrick" <sbg@scarybaldguy.com>
To: <webmaster@vinniejordan.net>
Subject: Sonofafuckingwhore
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2002 21:42:54 -0600

Ghoddammit... Vinnie was the first person to buy my old band's CD, way back
in the day when I posted to AT and AP.

This morning, I got to wondering about him*, and ran him through Google.
I mean, I knew he wasn't long for this fucked-up excuse for a world, but it
was still a shock to find that a man I liked and respected was gone.

*: Bad day at work, a critical network segment vaporized, the NOC pukes
didn't do shit when I told them, and I thought: What Would Pigface Do? 2
minutes later, I had the NOC manager on the carpet, describing in detail
what would happen to him if he didn't fix MY fucking network RIGHT FUCKING

Mayhap I'm keeping a small part of Vinnie alive by honoring his memory in
this way. Or not. Or whatever.

Here's to ya, Vinnie, ya sick fucking weirdo.

Coinneach Fitzpatrick